Helping the planet,
one innovation
at a time

We are Green Innovation
Green Innovation Academy
02What is GIA

GIA is incubating
bold sustainable innovations
to help the planet.

Those, who come up with an idea to solve the problems of long-term sustainability, often fail before they build their first prototype and find their first customer. Those people with such ideas need help to shape their visions and achieve positive outcomes as efficiently as possible, without burning unnecessary time and energy.

03How our ecosystem works

We connect our ExpertiseGIA Team, those with bold IdeasStartups, those who have ResourcesDonators & those with specific NeedsEnterprises.

Projects analysed
Incubation time
6 m.
04Get Involved

Together, let’s transform the way of how sustainability is shaping forward.


Hands-on help with your world-changing ideas and solutions.

Quality Market Entry

Our network of partners helps founders find their first clients and investors very quickly, so their innovations can be immediately implemented and monetized in their target market.

Expertise, not only Mentoring

We aim to be as useful as possible to our startups. Therefore we have replaced mentors with experts to make sure startups can efficiently solve their problems.


Successful & meaningful partnership you can be proud of.

Active Steering

We feel responsible for the success of visions we carefully choose and subsequently incubate. Therefore we actively help the founders to succeed on their startup journey without unnecessary mistakes and errors.

Nurturing Leaders

Personality of the startup founder, not their skills, is what matters in the long run. Our unique approach helps the founders to work with their potential to become true leaders.


Market advantage thanks to sustainable innovations for the future.

Innovations for Future

In the future, all companies will be facing environmental and social challenges. We will help you to analyse and manage risk and opportunities of your business and find the right partners for you.

Smooth Implementation

Application of sustainable innovations can be a very strenuous process. Our experts will help you in every step integrating sustainability to the core of your enterprise.

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06Investment potential

In the next five years, we are ready to support successful projects, that go through GIA incubator, with investments opportunities provided by Soulmates Ventures’ funds worth of

17,000,000 EUR

Why trust us?

A transparent foundation with clearvalue anchoring

Established, diverse team with international experience

Successful startup incubation and brand development –Made by Soulmates

Results in the Investment Accelerator –Soulmates Ventures

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