Team of unique people bound together by the vision of a greener future

GIA is an endowment fund bringing together a group of passionate experts who want to deliver functional and usable innovations with a positive sense of sustainability. Together, we want to create progressive environment that fasters growth of the sustainable startup community. GIA provides an incubation program for early-stage projects that have found sustainable solutions to specific problems we, as people and businesses, face.

GIA’s goal is to be a strong partner for startups on their journey from the beginning to finding a larger investor. We provide expertise in business development, financial planning, legal advice, strategic branding, innovation and sustainability. We bring cost-effective incubation to startups through support of people and businesses. Together, we contribute to the growth of sustainability, not just with our words, but with our actions.

GIA Hynek Sochor
Hynek Sochor Founder
GIA Vašek Gregor
Václav Gregor Member of the Board of Directors
GIA Michal Sikyta
Michal Sikyta Director of GIA Endowment Fund
GIA Tomáš Kabeláč
Tomáš Kabeláč Director of GIA Incubator
GIA Helena Davis
Helena Davis
GIA Jiří Kuchyňa
Jiří Kuchyňa
GIA Karina Štajerová
Karina Štajerová
GIA Charlie Isslander
Charlie Isslander
GIA Radka Šušková
Radka Šušková
GIA Tomas Mrkvicka
Tomáš Mrkvička
GIA Kateřina Gregorová
Kateřina Gregorová
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For which projects is the incubation intended?

GIA incubator focuses on PPD (Purpose-Profit Driven) projects bringing results in sustainability (purpose) and profitability (profit). It is crucial for us that your innovative solution is scalable and interesting for the customers and investors. The better solution the innovation brings, and the more it is scalable, the larger number of customers will use it and the sustainability impact will be deeper.

Eight streams we incubate




Circular economy

Agriculture and food




How do we make our decisions?

In an incubation phase, the key point is the potential of sustainability and profitability the startup can achieve on the market through quality incubation and subsequent acceleration. We are in the role of long-term partners ready to help the project in each phase including the entry of other investors.

Every solution is original and it is necessary to see it in this optics. With each project, we set realistic goals which can be met from the point of sustainability and profitability. Using our background we significantly contribute to reaching the goals.

What metrics do we use?

Our goal is to implement synergy between sustainability and profitability. Therefore we analyze each project with metrics:

  • SRI (Socially Responsible Investing)
  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)
  • SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • The potential positive and scalable impact that startup can have
  • EPR (Emissions Reduction Potential) and pCROI (Potential Climate Return on Investment)

What’s the benefit for you?

We analyze, measure, record and improve the results in all the metrics.

For each incubation project we prepare input and output evaluation with a record of the startup potential, its sustainable goals and also progress the projects have made while in GIA.